• Innovative software transforms cell therapy manufacturing processes 


Innovative software transforms cell therapy manufacturing processes 

Jan 18 2024

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces the Gibco™ Cell Therapy Systems (CTS™) Cellmation™ Software. This pioneering automation solution digitally connects instruments within Thermo Fisher’s cell therapy portfolio, offering an off-the-shelf validated software solution. Engineered to streamline and automate manufacturing workflows, the CTS Cellmation Software facilitates integration across multiple instruments while ensuring cGMP compliance.

The traditional cell therapy manufacturing process involves numerous manual touchpoints - upwards of 40 - posing risks of errors and contamination. Thermo Fisher's CTS Cellmation Software, powered by Emerson’s DeltaV™ Distributed Control System, mitigates these challenges by providing a user-friendly interface that connects cell therapy instruments. By reducing manual touchpoints, this innovative software contributes to traceability, repeatability, and compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 through secured data connectivity.

Betty Woo, Vice President of Cell, Gene, and Advanced Therapies at Thermo Fisher Scientific, emphasised the software's significance in supporting biopharma partners expanding their cell therapy pipelines. The CTS Cellmation Software digitally integrates unit operations, ensuring reproducibility and data security necessary for scaling cGMP manufacturing processes. This off-the-shelf solution eliminates the need for costly custom software projects and extensive validation, expediting the cell therapy manufacturing process and facilitating quicker and safer delivery of transformative medicines to patients.

Thermo Fisher remains committed to streamlining manufacturing for cell therapy developers, with plans to align all cell therapy platforms currently in development with the digital, automated framework. Presently, the CTS Cellmation Software connects core Thermo Fisher Scientific cell therapy instruments, including solutions from the Gibco CTS portfolio, fostering GMP-compliant closed system manufacturing.

The CTS Cellmation Software integrates key instruments within Thermo Fisher’s cell therapy portfolio, enhancing the manufacturing process. These instruments include the Gibco CTS DynaCellect™ Magnetic Separation System, the Gibco CTS Rotea™ Counterflow Centrifugation System, the Gibco CTS Xenon™ Electroporation System, the Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ Vios™ CR CO2 Incubator, and the Thermo Scientific™ Cryomed™ Controlled-Rate Freezer.

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