• New LAUDA Hydro water and shaking water baths
    The LAUDA Hydro product range consists of the perfect equipment for every laboratory requirement with six water baths, two water baths with a circulating function and three shaking water baths.
  • All Hydro device types are protected against overheating during dry running by means of a low-water safety device and optional water level control, thereby guaranteeing reliable continuous operation.

Water Baths

New LAUDA Hydro water and shaking water baths

Jun 03 2020

LAUDA, the world market leader for constant temperature equipment and systems for precise temperature generation, has extended its laboratory technology product range. The launch of the new LAUDA Hydro waterbath product line, reinforced by the addition of "GFL Technology", means that LAUDA can now offer a considerably extended range of products. In this respect, LAUDA is continuing the tradition of the GFL brand, which has been valued in laboratories for its durability and superior quality for over 50 years. The GFL company has been part of the LAUDA Group since the beginning of 2019 and will be further expanded as a development and production location.

Water baths are an indispensable part of many process chains in laboratories. The Hydro product range offers the perfect equipment for every laboratory requirement with six water baths, two water baths with a circulating function and three shaking water baths. The LAUDA Hydro water baths with an interior made of high-quality stainless steel provide the right bath depth and openings for every application with bath volumes from 4 to 41 litres. They are designed for the needs of biological, medical or biochemical laboratories with excellent temperature homogeneity, optional circulation or a shaking function.

The heater of the LAUDA Hydro water baths is located directly under the bottom of the screen. This ensures homogeneous temperature distribution and rapid achievement of the desired temperature with a high temperature stability of ±0.1 K. The heater power is adjusted to the size of the bath. The optional circulating function is ideal for applications which require both temporal and spatial temperature distribution throughout the bath. Water baths with a circulating system have an excellent temperature homogeneity of ±0.02 K.

All water baths offer a temperature range of up to 100°C, which also permits applications in the boiling temperature range. A timer function can be used to set a switch-on delay and the duration of the operating time, either after a switch-on delay or after reaching the set temperature. The high-contrast 3.5-inch TFT display shows all the settings and operating values. The controller also has an electronic function check with a visual and acoustic alarm signal in the event of an error. The double overtemperature protection allows reliable continuous operation, even in the absence of the operator.

The shaking water baths of the LAUDA Hydro series can be used for a variety of tasks in the laboratory depending on requirements. The device type H 20 SOW creates a circular motion for the sample whereas the types H 20 S and H 20 SW are designed for a linear, oscillating shaking movement. This is because variable mixing of the samples is required depending on the application. For example, applications in biotechnology are often dependent on an orbital shaking movement.

The built-in speed controller enables a load-independent, infinitely variable shaking movement with a soft start. The two shaking water baths H 20 SW and H 20 SOW are equipped with a cooling coil as standard. The temperature range of the shaking water baths can be extended down to 10°C by connecting them to the domestic water supply or to commercially available circulation chillers.

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