International Labmate April 2021


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- Direct Mass Spectrometry Increases Thermal Desorption Tube Throughput
- What’s in my LC/MS spectra?
- Analytical Intelligence and Method Scouting increasing HPLC profitability

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- Portable Quadrupole Analyser for Environmental Field Studies
- New Advanced Spark-OES Metals Analyser Launched
- Piecing Together the Data Puzzle


- VICI DBS Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Zero Air Generators
- Highly Stable Detector Improves GPC/SEC Results
- Online 2D-LC System Characterises Complex Samples


Biotechnology & Immunology

- Highly Reactive Rubella Spike Ectodomain (E1-E2) Antigen Launched
- GMP-Ready Helper Plasmids for AAV Production
- Validated Antibody Pairs for Respiratory Pathogen Detection

Drug Discovery, Pharmaceuticals & Cannabis Testing

- Homogenisation and characterisation of cannabidiol (CBD) isolates
- Why Pre-formulation Studies are Crucial to Successful Drug Development
- New Multi-Organ Microphysiological System introduced

Refractometry & Polarimetry

- Polarimeter Range Provides Enhanced Data Integrity and Usability
- Refractometers and Density Meters Essential for Your Daily Routines
- Refractometer Series Excels in Strict Data Controlled Environments


Research & Events News

- Dimerized Neuropeptide Discovery inspired by Nature
- Network to Accelerate Breakthroughs in Health Research
- Automated Screening helps to Fight Crop Disease

News & Views

- Eltra Celebrates 40 Years of Elemental Analysis Innovation
- Demand spurs Investment in Production Capacity
- Discovery Agreement to advance Treg Cell Therapy

Business Opportunities

- Vetter Announces New Shanghai Office
- PMDA System Enhances Approval Process
- License Provides Access to Genome Editing Platform

Microscopy News

- Cryogenic Camera to Reveal Secrets of Exoplanets
- Milestone reached as Diamond Welcomed First DIAD User
- Ultrasound adds new Dimension to Biofabrication

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October 2021

In this Edition Articles - Applications of Newly Developed 2.7 μm Porous Graphitic Carbon Particles in U/HPLC - Improve sensitivity and decrease matrix effects in pesticide residue analysis...

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