International Labmate Buyers' Guide 2020


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- How to future-proof the analysis of host cell proteins in biopharma using microflow LC-MS/MS
- Getting a grip on Covid-19 test samples
- Choosing the right safety cabinet to advance your gene therapy research

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- Aggregating All Analytical Data and Accessing It Anywhere
- Next-Generation Benchtop X-Ray Elemental Analyser
- Achieve Ultra-trace Analysis Using Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy


- New Instrument Fully Automates Sample Preparation for PFAS Analysis in Drinking Water
- High Technology Gas Generators for Every Application
- Screening for Nitrosamines in Pharmaceutical Products

Laboratory Products

- Automated Blood Management Network Solution
- Ventilator Manufacturers Offered ‘Instant’ Validated Labelling Platform
- Best Practice Guide for Safely Using Laboratory Heating Blocks


Research & Events News

- Genome Study offers Clues into SARS-CoV-2 Evolution
- Oxford begins human vaccine trial for Covid-19
- Smart-tagging Ocean Predators around Oxygen-Depleting Zones

News & Views

- Easier Access to Platform for COVID-19-related Development
- Competitors Join Forces in Search for COVID-19 Treatment
- Combined Technology Proves Potency against Malaria Target

Pittcon Show Review

- Success in Chicago for Pittcon 2020
- Pittcon Today Excellence Awards

Business Opportunities

- Shuwen Biotech Collaborates with PerkinElmer to Off er Breakthrough Preeclampsia Detection Device Globally
- Easing Language Barriers for Improved Information Flow
- GHIT Grant to Advance Neglected Disease Drug Discovery

Microscopy News

- Award Celebrates Excellence in Light Microscopy Imaging
- Zeiss Award Recognises Advancements in Quantum Cryptography
- Images Advance Understanding of SARS-CoV-2 Gut Infection Activity

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Labmate UK & Ireland September 2020

September 2020

In This Issue Articles - Review of China market shows real potential for lab companies - Biphenyl Modified Silica Stabilised by Bulky Substituents Laboratory Products - ChIP Kits for H...

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