International Labmate July 2021


In This Edition


- Deep characterisation and quantitative analysis
- Seamless HPLC Method Transfer
- How does a sample’s adventure unfold at Diamond?

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- Newly Developed MS Imaging System Awarded Red Dot Design Award 2021
- Why a Reference with a Calibration Certificate is not Necessarily a CRM
- Parallel Evaporator Assists Metabolomics Research


- Analytical Service Specialist and Chromatography Parts Supply
- VICI DBS Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Zero Air Generators
- Glass Autosampler Vials Virtually Eliminate Surface Activity

Microscopy & Microtechniques

- Looking towards the UK's Future Light Sources
- New Fluorescence Cell Counter Redefines Automated Cell Counting
- Powerful Cameras for Life Science Imaging Applications


Particle Characterisation

- A flood of images for particle analysis
- Instrument for Complex Nanoparticle Suspension Characterisation
- Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyser

Environmental Analysis & Electrochemistry

- Mass Spectrometry for Electrochemists
- New e-book Provides Water and Wastewater Analysis Solutions
- Collaboration to Measure Atmospheric Pollution Announced

Proteomics, Genomics & Microarrays

- Exploring the Mouse Microbiome
- Differential Refractometer for Precise Protein Analysis
- How Important are AAV Reference Materials in Gene Therapy?


Research & Events News

- Young European Investigators Award 2021
- Major Award boosts Research into Malaria Treatments
- How do Plants initiate Immune Response to Invading Pathogens?

News & Views

- New Lab expands Partnership Support Services for Pharma
- Collaboration to Investigate Potential Antibody Candidates
- Study confirms efficacy of 226nm UVC LEDs against SARS-CoV-2

Business Opportunities

- Opposition to Key CRISPR Patent Rejected by JPO
- Changes in Capital Market Preferences sees return of China IP Rights
- How Critical is Patent Protection Building for First-in-Class Products?

Microscopy News

- Correlated Imaging - Breaking Boundaries for Biological Samples
- Light Controlled Nanoparticles Provide Key to Biosensor Development
- Can X-ray Ptychography be used in Smaller Laboratory Source Facilities?

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Labmate UK & Ireland September 2021

September 2021

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