International Labmate March 2019


In This Edition


- Mobile Affinity Sorbent Chromatography Of Proteins
- Integration of MS and UV Data for Peak Tracking in HPLC Method Development
- Efficient heat transfer - power is not the same as efficiency


- New Flash Purification System and Columns Announced
- Solution for Nitrosamine Testing in Children’s Rubber Based Products
- New NM 1350 Plus Hydrogen Generator

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- ICP-MS Portfolio for Greater Customer Focus Announced
- New NMR and EPR Explosion Protection Chamber Keeps Researchers Safe
- New Spectrometer Delivers Fast, Accurate Analysis

Laboratory Products

- Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Pumps
- New Knife Mill Provides Quick and Effective Sample Homogenisation
- Microplate Design Enhances Fluorescence and Luminescence Measurement


Incubators, Freezers & Cooling Equipment

- New CO2 Incubator Combines Optimised Growth Conditions with Many Smart Features
- Process-safe Temperature Control with Natural Refrigerants
- Can Bulk Freeze drying be Successfully Adopted into Pharmaceutical R&D?

Life Sciences

- Tick-Borne Disease Antigens for Commercial Assay Development
- New Aspergillus Monoclonal Antibody
- CRISPR/Cas9 Knockout Cell Lines and Lysates

Refractometry & Polarimetry

- New Saccharimeters Offer Viable Measurement in the Sugar Industry
- Digital Refractometer for Brewing
- New, Highly-Accurate Density Meters and Refractometers


Research & Events News

- Emerging Trends, Fundamentals and HPLC 2019 Innovation Covered in Milan
- Annual Symposium to Highlight UHPLC Techniques and Instrumentation
- Optical Spectroscopy Excites Potential for Superheavy Studies

News & Views

- Biotech Grants Support Molecule to Market Efforts
- New Wave of Medtechs Join BioExel
- Agreement Expands Global Availability of Primary Cells

Business Opportunities

- Acquisition Brings Firm Footing for Stronger Market Presence
- Sugarcane Waste to Tackle Tooth Decay, Obesity and Diabetes
- Partnership to Develop Milk Products for Chinese Market

Microscopy News

- VMXm takes its First Users ‘where no synchrotron has gone before’
- Join the Crowd and Make Science Leap Forward
- New Benchtop 3D X-ray Microscope Introduced

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