Lab Asia August 2021


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- Seamless HPLC Method Transfer
- Biosample Provenance - What researchers need to know and what needs to change
- How a new anti-microbial bacterialogical barrier multiplies BSC safety levels

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- Deep characterisation and quantitative analysis of proteins and post-translational modifications
- Mass Spectrometry Structural Analysis of Fluoroelastomers
- Caring for the Environment one Flame Photometer at a Time


- What are the Ins and Outs of a SPE Workflow?
- The Analysis of Hand Sanitiser
- Unique HPLC Columns for Extremely Polar Samples

Laboratory Products

- New Automated Platform for Plasmid DNA Purification Launched
- Smart Lab Software Solutions Support Social Distancing and Remote Work
- New Shaker Series for Every Shaking Application Launched

Microscopy & Microtechniques

- There and back again: how does a sample's adventure unfold at Diamond?
- Looking towards the UK’s Future Light Sources
- Powerful Cameras for Life Science Imaging Applications


Pumps, Valves & Liquid Handling

- Liquid Handling Solutions to Support Your Workflows
- Four New Models Extends Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipette Portfolio
- New Diaphragm Pump Provides Clean, Dry Vacuum

Particle Characterisation

- How laser particle size measuring instruments determine particle size distributions
- Multi Detector Characterisation of Polymer Nanogels
- Instrument for Complex Nanoparticle Suspension Characterisation

Incubators, Freezers & Cooling Equipment

- Advanced Peltier Technology for High Performance and Energy Efficiency
- New Circulating Cooler with CO2 Refrigerant Announced
- Cool and Contemporary Incubators Provide Solid Performance


News Asia

- Synthesising Gold Nanoparticles
- Study Confirms Efficacy of 226nm UVC LEDs Against SARS-CoV-2
- Irish Logistics Group Establish Footprint in Central Asia

Business Opportunities

- How are Robotic Solutions Helping in Medical Treatments?
- Risk-sharing Alliance progresses on-chip Models for IBD and HBV
- Oncology Accelerator to Drive Innovation in Cancer Therapies

Microscopy News

- Correlated Imaging - Breaking Boundaries for Biological Samples
- Light Controlled Nanoparticles Provide Key to Biosensor Development
- Can X-ray Ptychography be used in Smaller Laboratory Source Facilities?

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Labmate UK & Ireland September 2021

September 2021

In This Edition Articles - The challenges of Biosample access and what needs to change - Innovative UK exports must gather income - not dust Spotlight Life Sciences - How a Pipettin...

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