Lab Asia December 2019


In This Edition

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- Translating Proteomic MALDi Tissue Typing to Clinical Pathology
- Fusion Protein Complexes Analysed by CG-MALS - Non-equivalent, Multivalent Interactions
- Applying Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Ultimate Mercury Detection in Petrochemicals


- The Separation and Purifi cation of Glutamine Derivatives by C18AQ Reversed Phase
- New Effective Autosampler for Ion Chromatography
- Improve Acrylamide Analysis with a Longer-Lasting LC Column

Laboratory Products

- New Approach – Concentration Measurement of Bases and Acids using a Refractometer
- Instrumentation for Monitoring and Controlling Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Announced
- Maintaining Integrity of Thermally Sensitive Biological Assays

Microscopy & Microtechniques

- Using Scanning electron microscopy to establish the floral micromorphology of the genus Restrepia (Orchidaceae) and the potential consequences for pollination
- 16th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium Review


Anniversary Feature

- Celebrating 25 Years of Scientific Publishing in Asia
- Scharlab celebrates its 70th anniversary
- Celebrating 75 Years with Metrohm

LIMS & Lab Automation

- Lab Informatics at the Centre of Digital Transformation Strategies
- Enhanced Software Platform for Small Molecule Design and Data Analysis Released
- Automated Lab Systems for Sample Processing and Digestion

Ovens, Furnaces & Heating Equipment

- New Digital Hot Plate/Stirrers Feature Multistation Design
- Large Capacity Ovens Offer Maximum Flexibility and Unparalleled Performance
- Vacuum Oven Range Combines Superior Temperature Control and Safety Features

Environmental Analysis & Electrochemistry

- Developing Technology for Microplastics Identifi cation in the Environment
- New Instrument Range Combines Spectroscopy and Electrochemistry for Simplifi ed Research
- New Anti Fouling Wiper Available for Turbidity and Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors


News Asia

- Thailand Lab International and Bio Investment Asia Hit New Success Milestone
- DeNovix Receives Japanese Patent for CellDrop™ Automated Cell Counter
- Thriving JASIS Focuses on Cutting-edge Technology and Solutions

Business Opportunities

- Large Scale Initiative to Study Treatment Responses
- Collaboration to Accelerate Glioma Therapeutic through Preclinical Stage
- Investment to Progress use of Silicon in Batteries

Microscopy News

- RPS: Science Photographer of the year 2019
- Images Explore the Effects of Eyesize on Vision of Bees
- Probing Beneath the Surface: Next Level Microscopy

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