Lab Asia February 2020


In This Edition


- Recent Advances in HRAM Mass Spectrometry
- Proven Cleaning Procedures For Lab Balances and Safety Cabinets
- Lasers Reveal the Secrets of Plant Cell Walls


- How to Overcome the Limits of HPLC with Ion Chromatography
- Centrifuge Designed for Glass Autosampler Vials
- SFC Platform for the Purification of Compounds

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

- New FTIR Research Spectrometer for the Most Demanding Applications
- Passive Sampling of Mercury in Ambient Air with Superior Detection Performance
- New X-ray Diffraction Solutions Announced

Laboratory Products

- New Hot Block for Open-Vessel Digestion Launched
- New Smart Infrared Loop Steriliser Allows Labs to Save on Plastic Waste
- High-Torque/High Speed Stirrers Offer Maximum Efficiency and Safety

Microscopy & Microtechniques

- Lasers Reveal the Secrets of Plant Cell Walls
- Premium AFM for Medium-sized Samples Launched
- Optical and XRF Imaging and Analysis


Incubators, Freezers & Cooling Equipment

- Temperature Control for Electromobility Test Processes
- Freeze-Drying Microscope Generates Critical Formulation Specific Data
- Cooled Incubator Range Offers Accuracy and Space-efficiency

Biotechnology, Immunology & Pharmaceuticals

- Engineered Knockout Cell Lysates for Reproducible Proteomic Analysis
- Nanoparticle-ReducedSucrose for Biopharmaceutical Formulations
- Efficient Isolation of Circulating Cell Free DNA

Clinical, Medical & Diagnostic Products

- Infrared Cameras: Advanced Temperature Measurement for Today’s Breakthrough Medical Research
- New Monoclonal Antibodies to Coronavirus Released
- Whole Blood Test for Donor Screening Receives FDA Approval


News Asia

- Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Thailand Lab International in 2020
- Kayentis Opens Japanese Subsidiary to Support Growth of Asia-Pacific Clinical Trials Sector
- Dynapumps Pty Ltd Announced as New Channel Partner for SPX® Flow in Australia

Business Opportunities

- Supply Agreement Improves Access to Oncology Medicines
- Consortium Working to Reduce Disease Burden from Workplace Exposure
- Agreement Expands Open Access Genetic Research Resource

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