Labmate UK & Ireland September 2020


In This Issue


- Review of China market shows real potential for lab companies
- Biphenyl Modified Silica Stabilised by Bulky Substituents

Laboratory Products

- ChIP Kits for High Throughput Antibody Validation
- New Generation Automated Raman Imaging Microscope Introduced
- New Ultra-Effective Surface Sanitiser Gives Workplaces a Clean Bill of Health


Incubators, Freezers & Cooling Equipment

- Solving Freeze Drying Bottlenecks For Diagnostics and Vaccines Production
- Specialist Cryogenic Labels for Durability and Permanency
- Ultracool Circulation Chillers Comply with Ecodesign Directive

Environmental Analysis & Electrochemistry

- New Instrument Fully Automates Sample Preparation for PFAS Analysis in Drinking Water
- Rapid Point-of-Care Testing Using Screen-printed Electrodes
- Modernising Trace Organic Analysis in Environmental Sample Extraction

Clinical, Medical & Diagnostic Products

- Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic Infection Testing
- Novel Molecular Transport Media for Dual COVID-19 and Infl uenza Sampling Introduced
- Survey Finds Quality Control is a Major Challenge in Clinical Labelling


Research & Events News

- Researchers on Discovery Trail for first Covid-19 Antiviral Drug
- Free Access to AI-based Drug Discovery Tool
- Organs-on-Chips Centre Offers Alternative Research Pathway

News & Views

- Acquisition Strengthens IVD Sector Offering
- Space Park to incorporate Deep Space Centre
- Fingerprint Tests Assess Disease Impact

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