• Extended Range of Real-time Liquid Flowmeters


Extended Range of Real-time Liquid Flowmeters

Sep 19 2023

Biotech Fluidics has expanded its family of non-invasive flowmeters, offering real-time liquid flow monitoring across a wide range. The expanded collection comprises four distinct devices, optimised to operate from nanolitres per minute to 650 millilitres per minute.

In the range of 0.01 to 80 µL per minute, with an impressive 1nl per minute resolution, the Biotech Micro Flow Meter excels in precisely monitoring extremely low flow rates. This makes it ideal for applications like UHPLC, LC/MS, and micro-/nanoscale bioprocessing.

The Biotech HPLC Flow Meter, calibrated in the 1µL to 5mL per minute range, seamlessly connects in-line to provide continuous liquid flow rate measurements from HPLC and GPC/SEC systems, as well as flow chemistry reactors.

Extending the range further, the new Biotech Semi-Prep Flow Meter, catering to flow rates of up to 40 mL/min, is a valuable tool for monitoring and validating pumps across various preparative HPLC applications.

The Biotech High Flow Meter operates efficiently at liquid flow rates of up to 650mL per minute, boasting a 0.02 mL per minute resolution. It proves instrumental in optimising processes, particularly for monitoring preparative chromatographs used to produce larger quantities of pure compounds.

Each compact Biotech Flow Meter includes user-friendly PC software for continuous recording, monitoring, and data storage of measured flow rates. Providing real-time data, the integral OLED display facilitates the identification of transient pulsations, enhancing users' insight into device flow stability. Biotech Flowmeters are highly dependable and compatible with a wide range of solvents and liquid reagents.

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