• What Are the Benefits of Laboratory Gas Generators?


What Are the Benefits of Laboratory Gas Generators?

Jun 13 2022

Scientific laboratories are continually on the search for ways to enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs and improve the accuracy and reliability of results. Investing in laboratory gas generators is an excellent way to achieve these goals. Find out more about the benefits of these specialised instruments below:

Guaranteed purity

From producing nitrogen with purity levels as high as 99.999% to removing hydrocarbons from ambient air, laboratory gas generators offer total peace of mind when it comes to quality. For trace analysis methods such as Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS), Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC–MS), gas purity is critical. Contaminants such as oxygen, water and other trace impurities can decrease sensitivity and compromise results.

Laboratory-quality gas on demand

Generators allow scientists to generate laboratory-quality gas at the touch of a button. The instruments are compact and easy to operate, making them a convenient addition to any laboratory. Instead of constantly monitoring and replenishing gas stocks, labs can simply generate gas on demand.

Improves safety in the laboratory

Handling high pressure gas cylinders is a safety risk faced by laboratory technicians around the world. Investing in gas generators eliminates the need to manually handle high pressure gas cylinders. Instead, technicians can generate gas using safe, automated instruments.

Reduces operational costs

The potential to reduce operational costs and overheads is one of the key benefits of laboratory gas generators. While the instruments do require an initial investment, they quickly pay for themselves by eliminating the need to continually purchase expensive gas cylinders.

Heightens efficiency

Many laboratory gas generators are automated and require no supervision once activated. This allows scientists to focus on other, more specialised tasks.

Safeguards specialised equipment

As well as improving the accuracy and reliability of results, gas generators safeguard specialised laboratory equipment. Instruments such as gas chromatographs are highly sensitive and easily damaged when used with contaminated gas. Generators guarantee gas purity levels and as a result, extend the longevity and performance of lab instruments. Without pure gas, operators face issues such as column degradation, stationary phase bleed and instable baselines.

Improves environmental credentials

An increasing number of laboratories are taking steps to improve environmental credentials and reduce carbon footprints.  Onsite laboratory gas generators are a great way to achieve this as they eliminate the need for regular deliveries and collections of cylinders. Most gas generators are also energy efficient and have a much smaller environmental footprint, compared to compressed cylinders.

Want to know more about the role laboratory generators play in scientific facilities? Learn about the main types of laboratory gas generators and their different applications in ‘Laboratory Generators - Everything You Need to Know.’

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