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Extracting the Highest Quality Information

Jan 13 2010

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduced the AXIMA Resonance™ MALDI QIT TOF mass spectrometer for the structural characterisation and sequencing of biomolecules at the ASMS conference. The combination of quadrupole ion trap (QIT) and highperformance reflectron time-of-flight analyser provides the highest sensitivity and mass accuracy in Shimadzu’s line of AXIMA MALDI systems. The AXIMA Resonance provides MS/MS and MSn spectra for a wide range of analytes, including pharmaceutical compounds, peptides, glycans, lipids and polymers.

The AXIMA Resonance combines the flexibility and sensitivity of MALDI with the analytical power of an ion trap and the seamless mass accuracy and resolution of time-of-flight. The latest Hypercool™ technology from Shimadzu Biotech facilitates the use of common MALDI matrices to allow MALDI compatible peptides, glycans, small molecules and others to be easily analysed in positive or negative ion modes. The power of the ion trap allows the high-resolution selection of parent ions and highly controlled collision induced dissociation (CID) for high sensitivity MSn acquisitions. The incorporation of a TOF analyser promotes high resolution and high mass accuracy for all ions generated.

The AXIMA Resonance precursor ion selection allows ions from complex mixtures or closely associated neighboring isotopic envelopes to be isolated and fragmented easily. With an isolation resolution of more than 1,000, researchers can analyse samples with similar nominal mass, even those with overlapping isotopic distributions. The AXIMA Resonance utilises a heavy collision gas, which optimises the fragmentation of MALDI singly charged ions, delivering high collisional energy to complex molecular entities.

A variety of software tools come as standard with the AXIMA Resonance, facilitating manual or fully automated operation. Software suites are available for various AXIMA Resonance operations.

The AXIMA Resonance is compatible with other MALDI mass spectrometers that use microtitre plate target format or an appropriate adaptor. The compact floor-standing geometry is designed to maximise laboratory space and allow easy installation and servicing. The system is delivered ready to install requiring no assembly on site.

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