• FastPrep® Lysing Matrix & Extraction Kits!


FastPrep® Lysing Matrix & Extraction Kits!

Jan 30 2017

With over 16 unique components FastPrep® Lysing Matrices are impact-resistant tubes containing specific beads to meet any of your lysing, grinding, and homogenisation needs. FastPrep® Lysing Matrices are available in 2ml, 4.5ml, 15ml, 50ml and 250ml sizes as well as 96-well plates. Although they are designed to be used with the FastPrep® homogeniser, the standard size of the tubes allows their use with many other bead beaters.

FastPrep® Isolation and Purification Kits deliver high quality DNA, RNA and proteins, ready-to-use in any downstream application. These kits contain optimised Lysing Matrix tubes for the sample homogenisation step and reagents for further DNA, RNA or protein isolation. Yields and processing times are greatly enhanced through the use of the FastPrep® homogenisers.

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