• Reduce Operational Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions from Fume Extraction Systems

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Reduce Operational Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions from Fume Extraction Systems

Jul 19 2023

Ene.07 energy efficient laboratories within the energy category of the BREEAM rating system covers the design and use of highly sustainable features, low energy design strategies and components that contribute towards a buildings overall sustainability objective. Learn more about BREEAM contributory credits here.

Fume extraction systems, though a fundamental part of laboratories, are heavy energy consumers and regardless of strategies implemented to reduce energy consumption from human actions such as turning off lights and closing doors, there are far more significant carbon reduction and energy savings by implementing more energy efficient mechanical ventilation, while still maintaining the performance and effectiveness of those systems.

Axair has worked with a significant number of UK laboratory managers in pathology labs, research facilities and wet laboratories, to improve the efficiency of their fume extraction systems and fume cupboards by specifying fume extraction fans that are powered by IE5 ultra-premium efficiency motors over conventional AC motors. The IP55 polypropylene range of EC fans and motors, launched in Autumn 2021, are available in a variety of sizes in both single and three phase variants covering airflows from 20-9000m3/hr and pressures to 1500Pa. If you’re interested in learning more, you can download all product specifications here.

Best Practice Energy Efficiency Measures

With 4 credits coming from following best practice energy efficiency measures that improve a laboratories efficiency by at least 2%, the use of EC motors on fume extraction fans have been proven to save up to 20% without affecting performance. A significant saving on energy consumption resulting in a reduction in overall scope 2 carbon emissions. According to Oxford University, their laboratory buildings are responsible for over 60% of the total energy consumption and carbon emissions across their university. A 20% reduction from a change in fume extraction fan efficiency will contribute towards any carbon reduction significantly, enabling laboratory and sustainability managers to focus on their contribution to a buildings net zero goals. As more universities focus on their sustainability, this is an area that can benefit from a quick and simple change.

Fume Cupboard Efficiency

Fume cupboards are an important component in laboratory ventilation systems and play a critical protection role. In BREEAM assessments, fume cupboards are evaluated based on their performance in controlling airflows and preventing the escape of hazardous substances into the laboratory environment. The assessment also evaluates the efficiency of the fume cupboards ventilation system and whether it meets the industry standards for performance and safety.

EC fume fans can contribute to a laboratory’s BREEAM status by improving the energy efficiency of the laboratory’s ventilation system. By using electronically commutated motors to power corrosion resistant polypropylene fans used in a ducted fume cupboard, energy consumption can be significantly reduced compared to those with traditional AC motors. Delivering a consistent and optimal airflow means better fume cupboard performance.

Download full EC fume fan specifications, view case studies, or talk to our industrial team about your ventilation system requirements.

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