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Manufacturer-Packed HPLC Columns for Every Application

Jul 26 2016

MACHEREY-NAGEL, a pioneer in chromatography, introduced its NUCLEOSIL® HPLC columns into the market more than 40 years ago. The spherical NUCLEOSIL® silica  was originally developed by them in Germany. The manufacturer-packed NUCLEOSIL® columns are now exclusively offered by MACHEREY-NAGEL and authorised distributors. For nearly 15 years, they have supplemented their successful NUCLEOSIL® column range by columns packed with the fully synthetical silica NUCLEODUR® – a state-of-the-art silica for professional solutions. A few years ago, MACHEREY-NAGEL introduced NUCLEOSHELL® columns packed with a superficially porous silica for highest efficiency in HPLC.

NUCLEOSIL® columns – until now also packed by other column manufacturers – are often used in quality control around the globe for validated methods because the silica is robust. Numerous different modifications (e.g., C18, C8, C6H5 ,CN, NH2, SA, SB), particle sizes (3, 5, 7, 10 µm) and pore sizes (50, 100, 120, 300, 500, 1000, 4000 Å) of NUCLEOSIL® silica provide phases for many individual applications. Further information can be found on www.mn-net.com/NUCLEOSIL.

For daily routine analysis as well as for sophisticated analytical separations, NUCLEODUR® columns manufacturer-packed with high pressure stable silica are recommended. Several different surface modifications have been developed over the last years providing a full range of specified HPLC phases. Surface deactivated phases like C8 and C18 Gravity, C18 Gravity-SB, C18 Isis, C18 Pyramid, PolarTec, Phenyl-Hexyl, Sphinx RP, PFP and HILIC are well-suitable for separations of basic and acidic analytes with high peak symmetry. They are also ideal for method development, LC-MS detection and UHPLC. Further selectivities are provided with CN/CN-RP and NH2/NH2-RP phases. C18 ec and C8 ec modifications with a pore size of 110 Å are modern standard phases for low molecular analytes – C18 ec and C4 ec with 300 Å for proteins and peptides. NUCLEODUR® C18 HTec is the preferred phase for preparative HPLC. More information on www.mn-net.com/NUCLEODUR.

Core-shell technology sets new standards for analyses in research and quality control. NUCLEOSHELL® columns fulfill the demands for HPLC separations with respect to separation efficiency, detection limits, and time requirements for each analysis. MACHEREY-NAGEL offers the core-shell phases RP 18, RP 18plus, Phenyl-Hexyl, PFP, and HILIC with the highly efficient particle size of 2.7 µm. Especially for an allowed transfer of Pharmacopoeia methods, the important modifications NUCLEOSHELL® RP 18 and more polar RP 18plus are also available with the particle size of 5 µm. More information on www.mn-net.com/NUCLEOSHELL.

Decades of experience in phase development, sorbent manufacturing and column packing by MACHEREY-NAGEL obtain safe and reliable results in HPLC. A wide variety of applications are provided in their free-of-charge application database www.mn-net.com/apps.

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