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Metrology Symposium 2024

Feb 20 2024

The Metrology Symposium 2024, focusing on Digitalization and Automation in Mass Metrology under the theme ‘Future and New Solutions’, is scheduled for 16-18 April 2024 at RADWAG, Poland.

On the opening day, RADWAG's Founder and Managing Director, Witold Lewandowski, along with Pavel Klenovský and Jacek Semaniak, representing the Czech Metrology Institute and the Central Office of Measures in Poland, respectively, will deliver welcoming speeches. RadosÅ‚aw Witkowski, the President of the City of Radom, will also extend his greetings.

Distinguished speakers from around the globe, including Georgette McDonald (NRC Canada), Leon S. Chao (NIST USA), Dorothea Knopf (PTB Germany), Jirí Tesar (CMI Czech Republic), Zoltan Zelenka (BEV Austria), Jaroslav Zuda (CMI, Czech Republic), Bianka Stoilkovska (BoM Macedonia), Tadeusz Szumiata (Casimir Pulaski Radom University), Jakob F. Skjaerlund (Techvolver Aps), and Martin Häfner (Häfner Gewichte GmbH), will share their expertise during the symposium.

The second day will feature RADWAG experts presenting two 15-minute lectures on calibration procedures and the influence of environmental conditions on mass standards calibration. Following these, simultaneous 20-minute product workshops will cover various topics related to RADWAG products.

The final day at GUM in Kielce includes a welcome speech by the President of the Central Office of Measures, a tour of Campus Laboratories, lectures by GUM Mass Laboratory experts, and a conference summary.

For further details on the Metrology Symposium 2024 program, visit the website. The event is proudly supported by LABMATE.

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