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RB 2.4Y.F Robotic Balance for Filter Weighing

Nov 21 2019

The RADWAG-designed RB 2.4Y.F filter weighing robot is a professional-class weighing device ensuring full automation of filter mass measurement. The robot enables weighing of up to 1050 filters of 47 mm diameter in accordance with EN 12341:2014 standard. The device is based on the weighing mechanism of MYA 4Y microbalance, which guarantees unrivalled repeatability and readability of d= 1 µg.

The robot is equipped with two magazines for up to 1050 filters (each magazine features 525 positions: 35 discs with 15 positions). The conditioning magazine is fixed, the other one has been installed on a turntable and is powered by servomotors with an encoder. Magazine discs are made of 2.0 mm thick aluminium. The filters are placed on specially-designed trays made of polyoxymethylene (POM) which compensates electric charges. The trays, being self-centring devices, facilitate loading of the weighing pan with the filter, and precise filter positioning in the magazine.

The RB 2.4Y.F is equipped with 6-position reference magazine for storing mass standards and reference filters. Reference filters enable detection of dust or ambient conditions changes inside the chamber that may negatively influence weighing results of both sampled and unsampled filters. 

Filters are transported between device elements (filter magazine, reference filter magazine, ionizer, QR code reader, weighing instrument) using robot moving in three dimensions (X, Y, Z). Movement of the transport unit is carried out in accordance with the set procedure.

The microbalance integrated with the RB 2.4Y.F is a measuring device of professional-class. It is characteristic for excellent precision and readability of d = 0.001 mg and is compliant with 21 CFR part 11 requirements. Microbalance’s weighing chamber has been adapted to be integrated with the robot. Prior to weighing, the filter is placed near the operating ionizer and then it is loaded onto the weighing pan. The tray remains inside the weighing chamber, but it is not weighed. The microbalance features an integrated mass standard for carrying out the internal adjustment before filter weighing, however the adjustment can be performed using external mass standards located in the reference magazine. The microbalance is placed on a granite anti-vibration table separated from the construction of the whole device. This eliminated the influence of possible vibrations on the mass measurement.

The RMCS Filter software enables management of the filter weighing process, starting from QR codes assigning, through weighing of both unsampled and sampled filters to result calculation and data analysis.

All elements of the robot are enclosed in a tight and dustproof chamber that ensures protection against any contamination. Monitoring of ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity inside the weighing chamber is possible due to installed THB sensors. To avoid the ingress of dust to the weighing chamber, the RB 2.4Y.F is equipped with HEPA filter that filters the air outside the weighing chamber. Air conditioning system controls the air flow inside the chamber. With this, stable operating conditions are ensured along with automatic control and adjustment of temperature by heating and cooling. The convection unit controls required relative humidity.

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