• New Balance Line Provides Quality in Small Mass Weighing

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New Balance Line Provides Quality in Small Mass Weighing

Oct 14 2019

RADWAG presents the new SYNERGY LAB line. The product range includes XA 4Y.M.A.PLUS microbalances with readability of 1 µg and XA 4Y.A PLUS analytical balances with readability of 0.01 mg. The equipment ensures the best precision, accuracy and reliability of weighing process. A wide range of capacities and functionalities fulfil the expectations of the most demanding customers.

SYNERGY Lab line features include:

Reflex Level System: automatic levelling system guarantees balance level control, automatic balance levelling and ground tilt test.

Smart Min Weight: the function ensures automatic adjustment of range to the weighed mass, which improves the minimum sample weight value even by 30%.

Ergonomic mechanical design: latch-type system of weighing chamber components fastening allows easy and tool-free assembly/disassembly which facilitates keeping the chamber clean, and which makes it easy to install a manual adapter for pipettes calibration. Smart system of pressures equalisation eliminates errors generated by rapid change of pressure inside the weighing chamber, which guarantees stable mass measurement. There is an option of lighting the weighing pan up using a LED diode, the diode does not affect the weighing chamber temperature.

Antistatic weighing chamber: the analytical balance is a device where the influence of electrostatics onto the weighing result has been eliminated due to use of special antistatic coating of the glass panes, and thanks to an in-built ioniser, which operation is signalled by blue LED diode.

Additional module guarantees compliance with 21 CFR part 11 and EU GMP part 4, annex 11 and ensures: data protection, control of logging correctness, various permission levels, electronic signatures, record of all modifications carried out on balance database. Innovative 2-point adjustment system guarantees the best accuracy, minimised linearity errors and reliable measurements results for the whole range. All balances feature internal ALIBI memory guaranteeing safety and automatic record of measurements, it also offers possibility to preview, copy and archive data. The innovative weighing chamber system for door opening and closing guarantees smooth and quiet door movement, and eliminates vibrations that may disturb the measurement. The solution enables to define how wide the door is to be opened. Wireless communication between the indicator and the weighing instrument enables operating the balance that is placed inside laminar flow hoods and fume cupboards.

Four predefined profiles enable automatic balance parameters customisation:

FAST – the measurement result is obtained in a very short time,

FAST DOSING – quick reaction to mass changes, useful for dosing or adding more product to the dispensed portion,

PRECISION - balance settings providing the minimum standard deviation sd ≤ 0.01 mg,

USER - customisation of the parameters in accordance with operator's requirements.

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