• Anton Paar elevates quality control with TPO analysis integrated in PBA 5001 beer

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Anton Paar elevates quality control with TPO analysis integrated in PBA 5001 beer

Feb 28 2024

Anton Paar, a global leader in analytical instrumentation and brewery technology, announces a significant enhancement to its Packaged Beverage Analyzer (PBA) 5001 Beer with the integration of Total Package Oxygen (TPO) analysis. This ground-breaking addition positions the PBA 5001 as the most comprehensive quality control system available, offering an unparalleled level of analysis from the final beverage package.

The PBA 5001 Beer, coupled with the state-of-the-art TPO 5000 total package oxygen meter, is a premium quality control solution from Anton Paar, a trusted market leader for over 40 years. This advanced system is designed to measure up to 50 quality parameters from a single package, delivering all essential data with a simple push of a button, streamlining the quality control process for beverage producers.

Centralising quality control and data management in a single setup, the PBA 5001 ensures operational efficiency. The fully automated cleaning process, combined with automatic leak test and self-executing zero-oxygen verification, maximises operator convenience. This integrated approach not only enhances the accuracy of analysis but also frees up operator capacities for other critical tasks.

The system's adaptability to various package types and dimensions sets it apart in the industry. Offering simple package positioning and automated centring, the PBA 5001 facilitates a seamless transition between different package types. The system's intuitive design allows for swift and efficient switching between different package configurations.

One notable feature of the PBA 5001 is its ability to analyse cans upside-down, eliminating any risk of leaks during the piercing process. This innovative approach ensures comprehensive analysis without compromising on the integrity of the packaging.

Anton Paar's commitment to continuous improvement is evident in the PBA 5001's cutting-edge features. The automated leak test, Oâ‚‚ performance verification, and automatic cleaning routines guarantee final quality control efficiency, reinforcing the brand's dedication to providing the brewing industry with the most advanced and reliable solutions.

With the integration of TPO analysis, the PBA 5001 Beer Analyzer solidifies its position as the go-to choice for breweries seeking uncompromising quality control. Anton Paar remains at the forefront of innovation, empowering beverage producers with the tools they need to deliver exceptional products to consumers worldwide.

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