• Anton Paar launches Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 microwave acid digestion series

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Anton Paar launches Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 microwave acid digestion series

Feb 29 2024

Anton Paar proudly unveils the Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 series, a family of high-performance instruments revolutionising microwave acid digestion.

Digestion made easy

Built on the Pressurized Digestion Cavity (PDC) concept, these instruments feature a stainless-steel pressure vessel with microwave heating and water cooling. This innovative design streamlines sample digestion, ensuring minimal time consumption. Nitrogen pressurisation prevents cross-contamination, enabling the use of thin-walled borosilicate glass, quartz, or PTFE-TFM vials and reducing consumable costs. The liner, filled with a microwave-absorbing load solution, allows up to 28 samples to be digested simultaneously without sample grouping requirements.

Streamlined workflow

The Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 systems offer a software-guided workflow for easy sample preparation:

  • Weigh samples into glass, PTFE-TFM, or quartz vials.
  • Add reagents.
  • Close vials with plug-on caps (sealed quartz vessels available for special applications).
  • Place closed vials into a rack immersed in a liner filled with a load solution.
  • Insert the liner into the PDC, automatically pressurised with nitrogen.
  • Apply microwave energy, adjusting automatically to the preselected temperature program.
  • Pressurisation suppresses boiling, foaming, or volatile element loss.
  • After the program finishes, the instrument cools down and depressurises the PDC.
  • Safely remove the liner with a liner lift.
  • The liner serves as a transportation vessel for further sample processing.

Space-saving and safe

Anton Paar emphasises minimal lab space requirements for microwave digestion systems. The integrated water coolers in the Multiwave 7301 and 7501 models further optimise space utilisation. Enhanced safety features, including redundant safety systems, software safeguards, window shield, and drip cup, establish the Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 as the safest microwave digestion systems.

Low detection limits

Addressing the industry's demand for lower detection limits, these systems facilitate efficient digestion with low acid amounts. The PDC concept enables broad reaction parameters of up to 300 °C and 199 bar, ensuring interference-free elemental analysis with AAS, ICP-OES, or ICP-MS. This leads to reduced ownership costs for both digestion and analytical equipment.

Ready for regulatory environments

The series comes equipped with pre-installed methods, offering versatility in meeting various method requirements. For regulated environments, Anton Paar provides 21 CFR Part 11-compliant software, and optional Pharma Qualification documentation ensures swift system qualification within a single working day. Digestion made easy – the Multiwave 7101/7301/7501 series sets a new standard in efficiency and reliability for microwave digestion systems.

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