• Anton Paar SVM Viscometer: Precision for liquid food flavours, food grade lubricants, and edible oils

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Anton Paar SVM Viscometer: Precision for liquid food flavours, food grade lubricants, and edible oils

Mar 07 2024

Anton Paar's SVM viscometers are tailored to meet the demands of the food industry, providing industry-leading accuracy and reliability. Whether for liquid food flavours, food-grade lubricants, or edible oils, there's an SVM that’s a perfect fit.

Liquid food flavours

Flavours, whether natural or synthetic, are among the most important ingredients in food products. Commercial flavours are typically dissolved or emulsified in carrier solvents such as pure vegetable oils, propylene glycol or ethanol. Monitoring kinematic viscosity and density provides vital information on processability, stability and shelf life. For Newtonian samples, SVM 3001 offers optimal precision. When paired with an Abbemat refractometer, it additionally delivers refractive index, which indicates impurities or degradation, from just a single measurement.

Food grade lubricants (FGL)

Food safety is of paramount importance – this also applies to lubricants used in the food production process. While these compounds must meet stringent regulations for odour, cleanliness, toxicity and sanitary requirements, they must also satisfy the tribological aspects crucial for reliable, low-friction machine operation. For operation at varying temperatures, the viscosity index (VI) of a lubricant must also be considered. SVM 4001 is the fastest solution for measuring kinematic viscosity, VI, density and Saybolt viscosity, making it ideal for FGL certification.

Edible oils

Most edible oils are vegetable triglycerides. Kinematic viscosity of a wide variety of edible oils, including linseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil, can be accurately measured with SVM. This precision is important in food preparation, processing and manufacturing, including the design of process equipment used in the edible oil and fat industry. When only kinematic viscosity is required, the SVM 1001 (Simple Fill) is the ideal solution due to its unbeatable ease of use and speed. Unlike manual glass capillary viscometers, human transcription errors and the need for a temperature bath are eliminated with SVM, thus saving space, energy and costs.

SVM: The versatile solution for every application

Anton Paar's SVM viscometers redefine viscosity measurement beyond manual methods. With capabilities such as digital data handling and storage, touchscreen operation, low solvent and power consumption, and the ability to obtain multiple parameters from a single measurement, they are indispensable tools across various test points in the food industry. Welcome to new viscometry!

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