• Anton Paar`s Rotational Viscometer: For Reliable, Traceable Results

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Anton Paar`s Rotational Viscometer: For Reliable, Traceable Results

Jan 17 2023

When you switch to Anton Paar’s rotational viscometer, ViscoQC, you can continue using your current SOP (measuring procedure) – if the same setup and settings are used. ViscoQC will deliver the same results. Unique features preventing operator error ensure reliable, traceable viscosity measurements with no unplanned extra costs:

  • Toolmaster™M: Anton Paar’s automatic spindle recognition delivers viscosity results you can rely on – all spindle data is automatically delivered to the viscometer as soon as the spindle is attached, error free for 100% traceability. There are no time-wasting repeat measurements (e.g., if the wrong spindle is mistakenly chosen from the spindle list).
  • Magnetic coupling: Each spindle is equipped with magnetic coupling for easy spindle exchange, saving you up to 15 seconds per test. The coupling also reduces maintenance costs by protecting the spindle and instrument against damage caused by knocks or bending.
  • Digital levelling: Built-in digital levelling automatically indicates and monitors the correct levelling status of your configuration, which prevents faulty measurements and ensures superb, full-scale-range accuracy of ±1%. The levelling status is stored in the measurement report to maximise traceability.

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