• Determining the quality of solvents and solvent-containing products with flash point testing and distillation

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Determining the quality of solvents and solvent-containing products with flash point testing and distillation

May 09 2024

The quality of solvents and potential contamination can significantly influence their characteristics.

Flash point testers make use of the fact that pure solvents have defined flash points related to the flash point method used and thus can determine if a solvent is pure or contains impurities. The same can be done for solvent-containing products. For flash points between -30°C and 130°C, ABA 500 and TAG 500 are well-suited instruments, while for flash point temperatures above 130°C (up to 410°C), the Pensky-Martens flash point tester PMA 500 is the perfect solution.

As well as determining the purity of a solvent and checking the solvent-related flash points for quality control of final products, flash point testing also provides vital safety information. Anton Paar’s next-generation flash point testers provide unique and patented solutions. The new ceramic-coated electric igniter, for example, has a 10-time longer lifetime. In addition, the PMA 500 cooling technology and the new ABA/TAG 500 cooling concept make it one of the most efficient cooling technologies on the market.

Besides the flash point, a solvent’s distillation behaviour has to be checked and analysed. With the Diana 700, you’re able to cover a range from 0°C to 450°C. An automatic distillation analyser guides you from preparation to final result with final export and evaluation capabilities.

Check out or new Abel and TAG flash point tester series ABA X00 and TAG X00, Anton Paar’s state-of-the-art Pensky-Martens flash point tester series PMA X00, and the Diana 700, to cover the range of distillation methods.

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