• Enhancing pharmaceutical quality control: Ensuring data integrity with ViscoQC

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Enhancing pharmaceutical quality control: Ensuring data integrity with ViscoQC

Jan 16 2024

In an era dominated by digitalisation and technological advancements, the assurance of data integrity stands as a cornerstone in pharmaceutical quality control. ViscoQC 300 Rotational Viscometer, by Anton Paar, places a significant emphasis on maintaining the integrity of electronic records, offering pharmaceutical manufacturers a robust solution to safeguard their critical data.

Meeting stringent standards: 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

The ViscoQC Rotational Viscometer goes beyond being an accurate viscosity measurement instrument – it is a commitment to data integrity. Compliant with FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations as well as the requirements of GMP 4 Annex 11 & 15 and GAMP 5, ViscoQC 300 provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with the confidence that electronic records, electronic signatures, and audit trails are secure and tamper-evident. This compliance not only aligns with regulatory expectations but also underscores Anton Paar's dedication to upholding the highest standards of data integrity.

AP Connect Integration: Streamlining data management for integrity

The integration with Anton Paar’s own AP Connect software further fortifies the ViscoQC Rotational Viscometer's commitment to data integrity. By facilitating paperless data management and transfer from the instrument to a central database, this connectivity minimises the risk of manual errors associated with traditional recordkeeping methods. Real-time data transfer ensures that information is not only accurate but also readily available, fostering a proactive approach to quality control.

Toolmaster™: A game-changing feature for traceability

The ability to trace and track measurements and instrument performance not only ensures compliance with regulatory requirements but also facilitates swift identification and resolution of any anomalies in the production chain. At the heart of the ViscoQC Rotational Viscometer's traceability capabilities lies the innovative Toolmaster™ feature. This cutting-edge functionality allows for the automatic recognition of measuring systems, ensuring that the instrument is not only aware of the components used but also maintains a log of their calibration status.

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