• From Nasal Drops to Waxes: We Have You Covered

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From Nasal Drops to Waxes: We Have You Covered

Jan 17 2023

ViscoQC offers a broad portfolio of interchangeable accessories and spindles covering all types of samples – from liquids to semi-solids – to expand your measuring capabilities with minimal investment.

  • PTD 100 Cone-Plate: The cone-plate measuring system with an integrated Peltier temperature device is ideally suited for limited sample volumes from 0.5 mL to 2 mL. It offers a wide, precise temperature range from 0°C to 100°C and is fully controlled via the ViscoQC display. The gap setting is fully automated, and continuous monitoring of the set gap prevents invalid measurements. No extra dedicated cone-plate viscometer is required.
  • Heli-Plus: The motorised stand with the typical T-Bar spindles is perfectly suited for creams and paste-like samples (e.g., ointments, gels). Heli-Plus automatically moves the ViscoQC head up and down via digitally defined start, immersion, and reversing positions, which can be set and saved for each method individually. A standardised test procedure ensures the highest-possible repeatability.
  • PTD 80 & PTD 175 Peltier temperature devices: Say goodbye to slow, noisy, space-consuming, maintenance-intensive circulator baths. PTD 80 (15°C to 80°C) and PTD 175 (-45°C to +175°C) offer accurate, fast sample temperature control. They require no extra lab space and are fully controlled via the ViscoQC screen. The unique T-ReadyTM function signals when the sample has reached the set temperature, eliminating extra waiting times for temperature homogenisation. Save time, space, and frequent maintenance costs.

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