• Monitoring Size and Shape of Abrasive Materials with Dynamic Image Analysis

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Monitoring Size and Shape of Abrasive Materials with Dynamic Image Analysis

Aug 28 2023

Anton Paar recently launched the Litesizer DIA 500, a state-of-the-art dynamic image analyser. Litesizer DIA 500 can help users with a range of applications, including life-cycle control of abrasive materials by monitoring their size and shape.

Dynamic image analysis

By using dynamic image analysis, the measuring technique behind the Litesizer DIA 500, users can directly measure without having to conduct statistical calculations based on physical parameters, giving them the possibility to detect even single outlier particles in their overall sample population.

Abrasive materials

Abrasives are important components when changing appearance and texture in the finishing process of a workpiece. The size and shape of the abrasive’s particles play a key role in the deburring, making them crucial parameters to control.

There are numerous types of abrasive and deburring systems available, including barrel tumbling systems and sandblasting systems. Abrasives can be made from a variety of metals, ceramics, and polymers, and their hardness, size, and shape all have an impact on the ultimate abrasive performance.

Application example: Particle size and shape monitoring of different abrasive types

The Litesizer DIA 500 can analyse the abrasive materials used for metal tumbling and surface blasting by measuring the particle size and shape of these materials. In the new application report ‘Full Blast: Monitoring of Size and Shape of Abrasive Materials’, the particle size and shape of stainless steel shot pins, corundum, glass beads, and plastic abrasives are analysed.   The analysis of parameters such as particle size distribution, aspect ratio, and circularity provides objective data on the wear of the abrasive material to save costs and ensure a strong deburring performance.

For more details, download the application report here.

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