• Streamlining quality control in the food industry

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Streamlining quality control in the food industry

Mar 05 2024

In the dynamic landscape of the food industry, ensuring quality control is paramount. Catering to the varied requirements of food manufacturers, Anton Paar's ViscoQC 300 rotational viscometer stands out as a revolutionary solution, providing an advanced approach to viscosity testing with sophisticated mathematical models, as well as unique features for a streamlined quality control process.

Understanding product behaviour

With the V-Curve software activated on the stand-alone ViscoQC 300, the full potential of the viscometer is unleashed. Going beyond standard test methods such as speed scans or time- and torque-dependent measurements, the user can perform more refined tests based on mathematical models like the Thixotropic Breakdown Coefficient, the Casson, Herschel-Bulkley and Bingham models, and many more. This provides extra information about the product’s plastic viscosity, yield stress, consistency and flow index. These parameters influence the products’ texture, coating ability, and flow behaviour during processing. For instance, when chocolate is being tempered, moulded or coated onto confections, its plastic viscosity affects how smoothly it spreads, how well it adheres to surfaces, and how it sets once cooled. The large 7" touch display and the graphics function make operating and analysing the results a pleasure; PC software becomes obsolete.

Standardised testing methodology

When analysing the viscosity of non-flowing substances like jams or spreads using standard or cylindrical spindles on a rotational viscometer, an air channel can form within the sample, causing inaccurate readings because the spindle loses contact with the substance. To address this, the motorised Heli-Plus attachment with T-bar spindles is employed. As the spindle rotates, the viscometer moves downward through the sample in a helical pattern, ensuring continuous contact with fresh material.

At the core of Anton Paar's ViscoQC 300 is its capability to standardise testing methods. This is achieved through a cutting-edge feature allowing the start, immersion, and reversing positions of the measuring spindle to be digitally defined and memorised for up to 60 different self-created methods. Recognising that different products may require specific testing conditions, Heli-Plus allows users to customise and store method-specific settings. This ensures that each test adheres to predefined criteria, as the Heli-Plus is fully controlled by the viscometer. The outcome is a unified quality control process that reduces variations, improves reliability, and ultimately contributes to the production of consistently high-quality products.

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