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ALAB 5000: The automated lab for the beverage industry

Mar 07 2024

Anton Paar proudly presents the ALAB 5000 Series, the automated lab for the beverage industry. The ALAB 5000 Series offers real-time, at-line measurement of final QC parameters, and eliminates manual sample preparation. Fully automated, 24/7 operation means no downtime and maximum productivity. With the integrated Anton Paar instruments for packaged beverages, the ALAB 5000 Series can handle a variety of package sizes and sample types, including all non-pulp containing beverages like beer, sake and water.

The ALAB 5000 Analytic can analyse bulk and retail packaged beverages for the most important physical and chemical parameters with integrated Anton Paar instruments like the TPO 5000, the DMA 5001, and the Carbo QC ME, as well as with colour and pH – and many other – options. The ALAB 5000 Torque measures the opening torque of twist-off caps and crowns for bottles. Both the ALAB 5000 Analytic and ALAB 5000 Torque can be integrated into new or existing filling lines, or used as stand-alone solutions. Working with one company for a complete measuring system means instruments and systems are seamlessly compatible.

 The ALAB 5000 Series is designed for the production environment with a temperature-controlled cabinet for all Anton Paar instruments. Automation means 24/7 operation and boosted productivity. It also reduces human error in sample preparation and instrument cleaning, improving the precision and consistency of laboratory processes for consistently high-quality results. This ensures unparalleled reproducibility. Moreover, automation handles repetitive tasks and the transfer of measurement results, enhancing traceability. Importantly, automation enhances cost efficiency by optimising resource use and minimising manual labour, allowing lab technicians to concentrate on more critical tasks. These efficiencies translate into significant cost and time savings, facilitating a swift return on investment.

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