• Next-generation Powder Weighing Cabinets for Maximum Accuracy and Safety

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Next-generation Powder Weighing Cabinets for Maximum Accuracy and Safety

Jan 15 2020

Bigneat is an innovator in the design of laboratory safety cabinets for operator and sample/process protection.

The Bigneat Excel Plus powder weighing stations incorporate aerofoil technology and a graded rear-baffle to ensure reduced turbulence and precise control of horizontal air flow across the entire width of the working access.

Gentle non-turbulent flow prevents balance fluctuation and cabinet dead spots. Suited to weighing with a micro balance to 6 decimal places.

This new generation range of powder weighing/handling cabinets now includes touch screen displays incorporating real-time airflow monitoring and status, service due indicator and additional features.

The acrylic construction and angled clear front windows enable excellent vision of enclosed manipulations and comfort during use.

Safe-change pre-filters can be bagged under negative pressure during maintenance procedures.

The Excel Plus powder weighing stations are used for the most demanding powder handling applications, such as high accuracy weighing, processing of pellets, capsules and tablets or for dispensing of potentially toxic powdered substances.

The SafeChange Variant in the range has been designed to provide the safest possible operation for both the user and maintenance staff.

All Bigneat cabinets can be supplied as standard models or customised to suit customer specific requirements. Additionally, a wide array of optional extras and ancillaries are available to provide each customer with a cabinet that suits their particular needs.

More information online: https://ilmt.co/PL/9PR9

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