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30 years of BMG LABTECH

Jun 05 2020

2020 sees BMG LABTECH celebrate 30 years of producing innovative microplate readers, throughout the years BMG LABTECH has expanded and has subsidiaries in Australia, France, Japan, UK, and the USA, plus specialist distributors in more than 100 countries that provide global sales and customer support.

BMG LABTECH launched its first fluorescence microplate reader in 1993, the FLUOstar, followed by multimode readers and the launch of the innovative Simultaneous Dual Emission Fluorescence Polarisation reader, the POLARstar developed primarily for the pharmaceutical industry. BMG LABTECH have continued to develop microplate readers introducing technologies that have revolutionised the reading of microplate-based assays increasing both sensitivity and speed to screening processes.

Technology innovation is standard across the entire range of BMG LABTECH microplate readers.

The OMEGA series saw the introduction of the UV/vis spectrometer for absorbance measurements, capable of capturing the entire UV/vis spectrum, 220-1000nm, in less than one second. This is now core in our SPECTROstar range of dedicated absorbance readers and is also used in all multimode microplate readers. This dedicated technology is perfect for labs with changing needs for different wavelengths as no dedicated filters are required, it also allows rapid spectral readings or the acquisition of up to 8 discrete wavelengths in a single read.

The patented Linear Variable Filter (LVF) Monochromator™ introduced on the CLARIOstar offers filter like sensitivity for fluorescence and luminescence applications. With spectral scanning and wavelength selection with a variable bandwidth option from 8nm-100nm this highly sensitive monochromator design offers complete flexibility for assay development. The LVF Monochromator is the key technology in the in the CLARIOstar Plus instrument making it perfect for all multi-disciplinary life science labs.

Gas control in a microplate reader was first introduced by BMG LABTECH in 2006 initially controlling only CO2 later developed to independently control both CO2 and O2. The Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) can simulate true physiological conditions facilitating the study of disease related states such as hypoxia and ischemia/reperfusion injury using its dynamic gas ramping capability. The latest generation ACU is available on the Omega and CLARIOstar Plus providing O2 control down to 0.1%.

With BMG LABTECH instrument performance matters, especially true for the PHERAstar FSX. Simultaneous Dual Emission in all read modes, dedicated HTRF® detection system, xenon flash lamp and laser excitation options all ensure the best assay performance. The PHERAstar FSX speed and sensitivity and ability to read all plate formats through to the 3456 well plates make it considered by many as the gold standard for HTS.

BMG LABTECH has microplate reading technology in its DNA and with each new instrument always strives to break new ground and will continue to be there for its customers for years to come.

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