• Accept No Substitutes - Protect Your Investment and Reputation!

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Accept No Substitutes - Protect Your Investment and Reputation!

Aug 11 2008

In the construction industry knock-offs and "substitutions" can create short-term savings but can result in long-term high replacement costs and safety hazards. There have recently been knock-offs in the lab work surfaces industry.

According to Durcon Incorporated`s International Sales Director, these companies are representing their products as quality epoxy resin when, in some cases, there is no epoxy resin in the material. He further states that these knockoff products do not meet SEFA* Recommended Practices and some cannot even be installed. (see photo).

Durcon Incorporated, the world`s largest laboratory work surface supplier and the leading innovator in the market, has spent over 30 years developing surface systems to withstand the harsh lab environment. Durcon`s R&D Manager stated, "We are flattered by the imitation, it means we must be doing it right. But, I am very worried for the safety
of the lab."

When asked about the dangers, he replied "We take a close look at each knock-off surface when discovered, and most of the materials don`t provide the heat and chemical resistance needed because of a flawed process and cheap raw materials."
Durcon offers the following advice to specifiers, purchasing agents and general contractors when outfitting a lab:
• Acquire the material from a reputable dealer.
• Ask the supplier for samples and perform in-house tests.
• Compare prices from multiple vendors. If a price is "too good to be true," it probably is a substitute.
• Use the brand name in your specification and on Purchase Orders.
• Inspect the product before installation.

And lastly,

• Listen to the industry. If a supplier is rumoured to be substituting or supplying sub-standard products, protect yourself by following up with the manufacturer to be sure an order has been placed.

*SEFA is the Science and Equipment Furniture Association. A trade organisation dedicated to creating humane, safe and effective laboratory environments.

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