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  • Counterfeit Medicines Volume I Policy, Economics and Countermeasure

Counterfeit Medicines Volume I Policy, Economics and Countermeasure

Jan 16 2021 Read 263 Times

It is undeniable that counterfeit and substandard medicines are a growing and dangerous business and Counterfeit Medicines Volume I - Policy, Economics and Countermeasure provides a concise account of the history, policy and law, and financial and economic aspects surrounding pharmaceutical product counterfeiting

Counterfeit medicines cause major moral, reputational and financial damage to pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as untold harm to patients who are deceived by the fake version of their medication and this book provides countermeasures available to organisations to safeguard their products and patients. Readers can draw from real-life case studies and use the economic and financial models and projections provided within the pages.

This valuable publication discusses the problems experienced in lesser developed countries and reports the activities and findings of governments and agencies around the world. The safety concerns regarding illicit online pharmacies are reviewed and an overview is given of the regulatory efforts attempting to stem their negative effects. The book provides important information on creating an overall anti-counterfeit strategy and a review of current countermeasures, including authentication and tracing programmes. In addition, the book compares some of the problems experienced with those encountered by other product areas in relation to counterfeiting, including fine art, wine, diamonds, currency and aeroplane parts.

Counterfeit Medicines Volume I - Policy, Economics and Countermeasure is essential reading for any individual and organisation affected by this complex issue and is available in print or as an eBook. Counterfeit Medicines Volume II - Detection, Identification and Analysis is also available for further reading.

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