• Advancing research excellence with hydraulic press technology

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Advancing research excellence with hydraulic press technology

May 15 2024

The University of Bath’s Chemistry Department is advancing its research capabilities with the recent acquisition of the LabTop 150 hydraulic press from Fontijne Presses. This cutting-edge addition, facilitated by Intelicare, promises to revolutionise quality control and research and development (R&D) applications within the department.

Revolutionising laboratory automation

Fontijne Presses’ LabTop 150, part of the highly regarded LabTop series, introduces a new era of laboratory hydraulic presses. Combining the compact design of manual LabManual machines with the advanced ProView control system, this series sets a new standard in pressing quality, ideal for sample preparation in QC and R&D.

Unmatched precision and safety

With a pressing force of up to 150 kN and temperatures reaching 300°C, the LabTop 150 ensures precise and consistent results while prioritising user safety. Its ergonomic layout, user-friendly touchscreen interface, and array of safety features, including a fixed upper platen and emergency stop system, ensure researchers can work confidently.

ProView control system for enhanced efficiency

Equipped with the ProView control system, featuring a 15-inch touchscreen interface, the LabTop 150 offers unparalleled control over temperature and closing force. Its automatic venting system simplifies venting by automatically adjusting the press after a predefined time, enhancing efficiency and user comfort.

Catalyst for research excellence

The LabTop 150 empowers researchers at the University of Bath to achieve new milestones in quality control testing and R&D projects. With a focus on material science and polymer research, the Institute for Sustainability eagerly anticipates utilising the press's capabilities. Supported by Intelicare’s expert servicing and maintenance, this investment underscores the university’s dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering innovation.

Exclusive partnership for excellence

Intelicare, the exclusive partner for Fontijne Presses in the UK and Ireland, offers comprehensive support for all laboratory equipment needs. Whether initiating a new venture or upgrading existing equipment, Intelicare is committed to ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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