• Innovative cassette cooling press revolutionises material testing

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Innovative cassette cooling press revolutionises material testing

Feb 16 2024

Fontijne Presses introduces the Cassette Cooling Press, a revolutionary solution designed for industries requiring rapid cooling in material testing and high-throughput processes. This innovative press is set to be a game-changer, particularly in applications where reliable and reproducible test results are crucial.

The Cassette Cooling Press features a unique design with an automatic control system and integrated fast cooling. Unlike traditional methods involving a time-consuming hot/cold/hot process, this laboratory press ensures continuous heating of the press platens while simultaneously cooling the cassette platens, enhancing efficiency and significantly reducing energy wastage.

The operation of the press includes a fully automated cycle that begins with opening the press, placing the sample in the middle, and using a transfer unit to exchange the heated platens with the cooled cassette platens, initiating immediate cooling. Achieving remarkable cooling speeds of up to 250ºC per minute, the Cassette Cooling Press allows for swift sample removal and the introduction of the next one, saving valuable process time.

Luc Pattyn, Sales and Marketing Director at Fontijne Presses, expressed the significance of the Cassette Cooling Press, stating: "This newly developed press as part of the LabPro series reflects our dedication to providing efficient and reliable solutions to industries that demand efficiency, precision, and speed in their processes."

The Cassette Cooling Lab Press boasts continuous heating and cooling, allowing for the elimination of energy wastage efficiently. It achieves remarkably fast cooling speeds of up to 250 degrees Celsius per minute, ensuring precise and reliable test results. The fully automated cycle involves opening the press, placing the sample, and using a transfer unit to seamlessly exchange heated platens with cooled cassette platens.

Phil Jones of Intelicare, Fontijne’s exclusive Partner in the UK and Ireland, expressed excitement about offering the Cassette Cooling Press to customers: "We are excited to be able to offer our UK and Irish customers the Cassette Cooling Press alongside Fontijne’s other excellent products."

Companies engaged in research and development, quality control, and production testing can benefit from the Cassette Cooling Press, setting a new standard for efficiency and reliability in material testing and sample preparation.

Contact Intelicare, exclusive partners for Fontijne Presses in the UK and Ireland to find out how the Cassette Cooling Press can revolutionise your testing processes.

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