• Enhancing precision analysis with platen press technology

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Enhancing precision analysis with platen press technology

Apr 30 2024

Impact Solutions, a leading test laboratory and innovation centre, has recently expanded its capabilities with the adoption of a new package from Fontijne Presses. This package includes the installation of a Fontijne Presses LabEcon 600 Proview, along with commissioning and training provided by Intelicare.

An innovative press for precision testing

With over 20 years of experience in materials and products testing, Impact Solutions required a press capable of producing plaques from various polymers for a range of physical and mechanical tests. The LabEcon 600 Proview, renowned for its accuracy and consistency, was chosen for its ability to meet the stringent requirements of international standards with efficiency and precision.

Gregg Falconer, Operations Manager at Impact Solutions, commented: "The collaboration between Intelicare and Fontijne has been instrumental in delivering a solution that allows us to produce plaques with enhanced precision and accuracy. We are already seeing the benefits of this partnership in our testing processes."

Efficiency, versatility and control

The LabEcon 600 Proview offers precise control over pressure, temperature, and time, ensuring accurate and repeatable test results. Its modular design and customisable options accommodate different testing requirements, from compression moulding to sample preparation and curing processes. Moreover, the user-friendly interface simplifies operation and reduces training time for laboratory technicians.

Thomas Dobbie, Mechanical Test Engineer at Impact Solutions, noted: "We've been impressed with the consistency and surface finish of the plaques we're producing, which has significantly increased our output. The LabEcon 600 Proview has streamlined our testing procedures and improved overall efficiency."

Comprehensive support and collaboration

Intelicare's expertise played a crucial role in the successful commissioning of the LabEcon 600 Proview at Impact Solutions. Additionally, Intelicare provides comprehensive training and ongoing technical support to ensure optimal performance and minimal downtime.

The partnership between Intelicare, Fontijne Presses, and Impact Solutions exemplifies the importance of innovation and collaboration in advancing laboratory testing practices and driving progress within the manufacturing community.

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