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Oct 13 2021

The SYNC from Microtrac MRB integrates a highly accurate tri-laser diffraction analyser with the versatility of dynamic image analysis. This combination provides particle characterisation practitioners with a unique measuring experience on a single sample, in the same sample cell at the same time.

The SYNC laser diffraction particle size analyser is ideally suited for routine QC applications. It also provides valuable information to researchers as they develop new materials and processes.

The powerful analysis software of the SYNC provides both particle size distribution information as well as a multitude of morphological particle parameters. 

Materials from 0.01 microns to 4000 microns are examined by Laser Diffraction to ISO 13320:2020 and by dynamic image analysis to ISO 13322-2 with sub-micron detection using blue-laser technology and simple detection of trace amounts of oversized or undersized fractions in the particle size distribution.

Most importantly, the SYNC is fast with a measurement time typically of just 30 seconds and the ability to switch rapidly between wet (FLOWSYNC) & dry (TURBOSYNC) measurement modules within 15 seconds. This is thanks to the ability to remove modules from the analyser in one single movement. All the cases and hoses are connected to the rear and are left untouched when switching between the wet & dry modules.

The FLOWSYNC dispersion module has automated filling, de-aerating, pre-circulating and circulating operation ensures each sample is handled with a consistency that improves the repeatability of particle size distribution and imaging data. It can be operated with a wide variety of carrier fluids as well as alcohol & water and the self-cleaning wash feature ensures that the walls of the sample vessel are thoroughly cleaned during the rinse cycle. This eliminates cross contamination between different materials.

The TURBOSYNC dispersion module delivers a properly dispersed sample to the measuring cell, allowing for consistent and repeatable analyses. A moving sample tray introduces the powder into the measurement system and small sample volumes of just 0.1cm3 can be used which is ideal for applications where the material is expensive or produced in small volumes. Where large samples are being analysed the removable tray can hold larger quantities of powder.

In conclusion, the versatility of laser diffraction analysis makes it suitable for a variety of applications in both research and industry and the Microtrac MRB SYNC is easy-to-learn; simple to operate; robustly designed, and practically maintenance-free. The only drawbacks of laser diffraction are sub-optimal resolution, limited sensitivity, and the inability to measure particle shape - these are the strengths of image analysis. 

Thanks to the unique combination of both techniques, the SYNC provides information which is not available from laser diffraction alone and improves the overall accuracy through particle size and shape analysis.

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