• 4 in 1 Logistics Solution Eases Workflow in the Lab

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4 in 1 Logistics Solution Eases Workflow in the Lab

Mar 08 2016

Imagine having sufficient amounts of reagents always available in the right place and at the right time, and with no stressful ordering process, no delivery costs or complications with the payment procedure: Miltenyi Biotec’s MACS® PICK UP POINT provides a convenient and efficient logistics solution for ordering, delivery, purchase, and invoicing of MACS® Research Products in the lab. The automatic inventory management system is integrated within a unit, which can be set up directly in the lab and is only accessible to authorised users.

The MACS® PICK UP POINT is composed of internet-compatible fridges (+2°C to +8°C). With the aid of a personalised access card, which is provided with a unique card number and has the name, department, cost centre number, and /or PSP number for invoicing purposes saved on it invisibly, the authorised person can remove the required product from the stock. As the product is not considered officially sold until 15 minutes after its removal, it is possible to exchange the product, in the case of a mistake in selection, for the correct one. In this way the product is paid for when it is actually put into use and not before.

In general, the product portfolios available to the unit are MACS® Cell Separation, MACS® Flow cytometry, and MACS® Cytokines. Miltenyi Biotec customises and equips the unit in accordance with the customer’s wishes. Information on the current stock level of the products is accessible to the customer 24/7 on a web portal specific to them. It is monitored automatically and the information is passed on to Miltenyi Biotec, who ensure that the unit is refilled according to the agreed minimum stock levels. In the process, the shelf life of all MACS® Reagents stored in the unit is guaranteed at all times. The invoicing process takes place automatically every two weeks: the customer is invoiced for the consumed reagents and a detailed list of the products taken is attached.

The MACS® PICK UP POINT is currently available in Germany, France, and the USA, and will soon be available in the UK. 

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