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New Marrow Stem Cell Research Tool Box Released

Dec 20 2005

Miltenyi Biotec now offers the complete solution for human stem cell research. Designed for the reproducible isolation and optimised cultivation of homogeneous nonhematopoietic (NH) marrow stromal cell (MSC) populations, the MSC Research Tool Box CD271 (LNGFR) contains all necessary reagents for immunomagnetic separation and flow cytometric analysis of CD271 (LNGFR, low affinity nerve growth factor receptor)-positive stem cells from bone marrow. Furthermore, included are MACS® NH Expansion Medium for the efficient and reproducible expansion of MSCs from bone marrow as well as MACS® CytoMix CD271 (LNGFR)?a unique cytokine cocktail for optimal growth of CD271+ MSCs in culture. Colony forming unit fibroblast (CFU-F) activity is enriched by more than 100-fold and is exclusive to the CD271+ population. Moreover, these MSCs show a greater than 3-fold higher proliferative capacity in comparison to MSCs isolated by plastic adherence. CD271-selected and expanded MSCs maintain their multi-lineage differentiation potential, displaying the plasticity to differentiate into adipocytes, chondrocytes and osteoblasts after cultivation in MACS® NH AdipoDiff Medium, NH ChondroDiff Medium or NH OsteoDiff Medium. Standardization of NH stem cell research with the MSC Research Tool Box CD271 (LNGFR).

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