• A unique benchtop evaporator with unparalleled flexibility and versatility

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A unique benchtop evaporator with unparalleled flexibility and versatility

Jun 01 2021

From the introduction of the first commercially successful nitrogen evaporator through today, Organomation remains a leader in blowdown evaporation. Today, Organomation’s N-EVAP is a time-tested, reliable, and convenient evaporator perfect for any lab.

The N-EVAP Evaporator was designed with versatility in mind. Unlike other small volume sample evaporators, the N-EVAP accommodates several different types of vials and tubes at once without requiring separate heat blocks. This flexibility makes it an ideal evaporator in research settings where evaporation may be required for a variety of different procedures.

The right evaporator for your samples

The N-EVAP has a variety of customization options, allowing the instrument to be configured to fit the needs of each lab. Choose from a gentle water bath, a low maintenance aluminum bead bath, or even an unheated model for heat-sensitive samples. Acid resistant coating is available for added protection against harsh solvents. For PFAS analysis, new Teflon-free models guarantee no contamination will be introduced during sample preparation.

Flexibility and versatility of use

The N-EVAP uses a unique spring-loaded sample holder design to accommodate a wide variety of tubes and vials without the need for multiple sample racks or adapters. Tubes are held securely in place by an adjustable spring, making it the perfect evaporator for almost any small sample.

Individual gas needle valves allow precise control over gas delivery to each sample. Gas flow can be increased for samples in wide tubes to encourage faster evaporation, while simultaneously being decreased for samples in narrow tubes to reduce splashing. Gas flow can even be turned off to individual samples without disturbing other samples being evaporated at the same time. Need to remove one sample before the rest? No problem. Each gas delivery needle moves independently, allowing samples to be inserted and removed without the need to take the evaporator offline.


  • Optimise evaporation to each sample with individualised control over gas flow
  • Gently concentrate delicate samples without degradation
  • One evaporator to fit almost all small tubes and vials

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