• Drug Binding Suitability of Filters for Sample Prep in Dissolution Testing

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Drug Binding Suitability of Filters for Sample Prep in Dissolution Testing

Nov 02 2021

The purpose of sample filtration is to remove non-dissolved solids that would interfere with the chromatography results by continuing to dissolve throughout the analysis and cause plugging of the HPLC column.

There can be potential drawbacks with filtration. Different active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) will react differently to certain membrane and housing materials of syringe filters. Unwanted drug adsorption by the filter can be a serious problem, causing out-of-specification (OOS) results.

To examine this, Pall conducted an experiment to test the effect of different active pharmaceutical ingredients. There are many HPLC grade syringe filters to choose from. The filters included in this test are the Acrodisc® One syringe filter with 0.45 μm wwPTFE membrane and the Acrodisc® One syringe filter with GxF prefilter and 0.45 μm wwPTFE membrane. The APIs used in the evaluation represent a range of different functionalities and structures and should, therefore, demonstrate a range of adsorption to membrane filters.

The results of this test and more information on sample preparation for analytical chemistry with membrane filters can be found on the Pall website. From the Analytical Sample Prep page within the Laboratory segment, you can download the Acrodisc One technical guide, and more, to read on and learn more about how choosing the right filter can extend HPLC column life, improve consistency of test results and reduce extractables.

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