• Fast and Flexible Automated Vial Filling
    The BioD-I automates vial filling quickly, accurately and without the need for any constant human interaction.

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Fast and Flexible Automated Vial Filling

Oct 08 2021

Having the freedom to do multiple laboratory processes at the same time is on most wish lists, but that requires having a second ‘you’ there. With time, staff and space as a constant limitation and with pressure added to get things done, that extra set of hands would be priceless. Accurate sample aliquoting or vial box filling takes up time and mistakes are easily made, especially due to the monotony of the task. 

Premier Control Technologies’ BioD-I automates this process quickly, accurately and without the need for any constant human interaction; it will fill each vial while you get on with another task. It incorporates a multi-nozzle filling peristaltic pump system and an XYZ indexing platform that will fill multiples of vials at the same time until the entire tray is complete. Replace the tray with an empty one and press ‘start’ for the process to repeat. The lines are self-priming and cleaning is a case of either simply flushing or replacing the single-use tubing. Easy calibration of the pumps means that the accuracy of each fill is precise and repeatable from microlitres to litres.  

A cost effective solution that can be tailored to your specification. Speeding the process up is done by just simply adding more pumps which are in stackable rows. This is a compact desk-top design that will not take up valuable laboratory space and as its modular you can position the individual system components to what suits you.

Please contact Premier Control Technologies to develop a fluid transfer system or component that meets all your technical requirements, on budget and on time. 

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