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Laboratory Pumps Meet Brexit Compliance Requirements

Mar 02 2021

Longer Pumps, as part of the British Halma Group, are dedicated to quality, value and continuous innovation. This commitment has ensured that the pump product line is already UKCA Compliant, well ahead of the final deadline of 1st January 2022. As more product lines are released through the coming weeks, months and years each one will also be UKCA marked giving the assurance to customers that continuity of supply will remain and that Longer are a supplier worthy of their trust.    

The full Longer Pump Series is specifically designed to accommodate highly configurable options that meet high-precision applications as seen within science and research whilst also ensuring straight-forward, cost sensitive solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers to integrate into their machines. In all instances the emphasis is on quality and customer value such that research is accurate and timely, and machine builders enhance their reputation with many years of trouble-free use.   

The Series, as a whole, covers peristaltic, syringe, micro-piston and micro-gear pumps with flow rate capability ranging from 0.001 microlitres through to 35 litres per minute. Whilst pressure capability is usually determined by the tubing used our piston pumps are rated to 6.8 bar and our micro-gear pumps to 14 bar. Typical applications cover virtually every segment of industry from Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical, Food and Brewing, Chemical, Water Treatment and Electronics Manufacturing through to Emissions Monitoring, Analytical and the Semiconductor Industry. Examples of where Longer Pumps have been used include laboratory fluid transfer, biopharma filtration, filling and dosing, analysers, dialysis machines, CEMS systems, IVD machines and so many more.    

Of particular note is the 1F Series Intelligent Peristaltic Pump. The 7” colour touchscreen allows for easy setup and configuration of the pump with programmable fluid transfer modes including constant speed, ramp up, ramp down, step up, step down and sine. The programming for dispensing modes can include constant, incremental and decremental dispensing. Further logic functions can be added for direction, delay, event trigger, external control output, pause, jam, loop and stop. The many pump heads available can be used to achieve a wide range of flow rate requirements from as little as 0.022ml/min up to 3000 ml/min. Multi-channel pump heads are also available for up to 12 channels. Other features that are useful to the user are :

  • Pump speed control available via 0-5 VDC, 0 – 10 VDC, 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 10 kHz input
  • Dispensing volume setting range: 0.001uL - 9999L
  • Dispensing time and interval time: 0.5s - 9000s
  • Dispensing cycle: 1 - 999999 (0 for unlimited)
  • Time in fluid transferring modules: 1s - 9000s (0s for continuous transfer without time limit)
  • Delay time setting range: 0.5s – 9000s

Please contact us so that we may develop a fluid transfer system or component that meets all your technical requirements, on budget and on time. We are here to help.

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