• What is the Latest Digital Laboratory Syringe Pump Technology?
    The dLSP500 from Premier Control Technologies Ltd.

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What is the Latest Digital Laboratory Syringe Pump Technology?

Jun 21 2021

What are laboratory syringe pumps are used for?

Laboratory syringe pumps are used across a wide range of applications to gradually administer small amounts of fluid to a patient or for use in chemical and biomedical research. 

The new dLSP500 from Premier Control Technologies Ltd is essential for the most up-to-date laboratory with superb technology that supports precision dispensing; with functional versatility giving freedom for many applications; all in a highly compact space-saving modern and aesthetically pleasing enclosure. The dLSP500 has a wide overall flow range with remarkably steady dosing rates between 0.0007nl/min-57.621ml/min.

How is the dLSP500 laboratory syringe pump controlled?

•    Firstly, the user can view and set up all parameters on an easy-to-navigate and intuitive 7” touchscreen display. 
•    Secondly, by means of dedicated PC software, the custom programs can be configured quickly for more complex multi-step dosing together with multi-mode operation. One computer can control up to 99 pumps. 
•    Thirdly, control and monitoring can be achieved via Wifi, Bluetooth and other programs as access is easy from a PC, tablet or smartphone (App). 
The very latest technology ensures the pump can intelligently diagnose the presence of syringes, liquid leakage at syringes, motor stall, abnormal power supply, and working progress with clear voice reminders, LED indicators and other prompts supporting the user through the operation process thus ensuring that valuable sample loss is minimised whilst safety is optimised. Importantly the speed, flow rate and dispense volume, together with many others can be controlled in real-time and remotely.

The dLSP500 complies with the 21 CFR guidelines for pharma with the ability to robustly manage data, maintain digital records and control access to data. 

Contact Premier Control Technologies to develop a fluid transfer system that meets all your technical requirements, on budget and on time.  

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