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Endecotts Sieve Shakers

Dec 04 2013

Endecotts offer a wide range of sieve shakers suitable for all types of sieving and samples. They have been designed to produce the optimum sieving action for fast reproducible results.

  • D450 Digital is a vibrating shaker that is used to carry out sieve tests in conjunction with sieve stacks for particle sizing of various material samples. It can accommodate up to 450mm and 18 inch diameter test sieves and weighs170kg.
  • D300 Digital bridges the gap between the Octagon D200 and D450 and has been developed using the same advanced technology as the D450.It is extremely versatile accepting both 200mm and 300mm diameter sieves.
    Like the Octagon D200 and D450 this machine gives the operator total control of the sieving process. It can accommodate up to 7 full height 300mm / 12" diameter sieves and weighs 80kg.
  • EFL has been designed to operate with heavy samples without the loss of performance. It has dynamic power source that ensures the right vibration is imparted to the sample for fast, accurate and reproducible tests. It can accommodate up to 8” and 12” diameter sieves and weighs 100kg.
  • Octagon D200 is perfect for the modern laboratory or on site use. It is robust, compact and sufficiently lightweight (weighs 55kg) to be portable. The Octagon D200 is powered by an electromagnetic drive which has no rotating parts to wear making it maintenance free and extremely quiet in operation. It accommodates up to 8 full height and 18 half height 200 mm / 8" diameter sieves. The digital control provides full versatility and performance.
  • Minor M200 is ideal for the laboratory or plant since it is compact and portable (weighs 17kg). The shakers vibrating action imparts a precise movement to the sieve stack ensuring efficient sieving and excellent repeatability. The Minor M200 is also fitted with anti-vibrating feet to ensure good stability.
  • M100 is an excellent small, lightweight laboratory shaker (weighs 10kg) designed for 100mm and 3” diameter sieves. Fitted with an electromagnetic drive the shaker is not only maintenance free but has no rotating parts to wear out.

Sieve shakers differ in many ways from its size and weight to its power and sieve dimensions. Take a look at our Product comparison sieve shaker table, to see which Sieve shaker suits you!

Endecotts Test Sieves

Endecotts test sieves are designed and manufactured to offer qualities that make them extremely precise and accurate whilst offering good handling, nesting and strength.

Whether it’s a standard test sieve, or something special for industries such as diamond, coffee or agriculture you’ll find the same meticulous quality in design and manufacture.

The company have a wide range of sieves with different sizes, depths, choice of materials and certified degrees of inspection to meet every National and International standard and virtually every specification, including ISO 3310 and ASTM E-11. Every Test Sieve is supplied with a Certificate of Conformity.

For further information on Endecotts products please contact:
+44 (0) 208 542 8121

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