• Mercury Determination in Air, Water and Soils

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

Mercury Determination in Air, Water and Soils

Aug 16 2016

For over 30 years PS Analytical (PSA) has been at the forefront of trace mercury (Hg) determinations from environmental samples. Understanding the fate and transportation of Hg is vitally important and this requires accurate analytical measurements.

Hg, from natural and anthropogenic sources, cycles between land, air and water. When atmospheric Hg enters the water column it can be converted to methylmercury by microbial activity and subsequently bio-accumulated by fish and other aquatic species.

The toxicological effects of Hg have long been realised and recently has there has been an international effort to reduce Hg emissions. Effective control and reduction of Hg emissions is the ultimate aim and these efforts, all of which need to be accurately monitored.

PSA employs Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (AFS) to determine Hg and also offers online Hg analysers to monitor mercury emitted from industrial sources.

Employing AFS has many advantages for Hg determinations. These include; sub ngL-1 limits of detection, a linear response over several orders and minimised interferences from other matrix components. PSA’s unique flow cell design, removing troublesome glass or quartz material, results in reduced carryover for faster throughput. Ease of use, reliability and robustness as well as very affordable running costs are hallmarks of the PSA brand.

With literally thousands of systems in the field today, and with support networks in Europe, USA and SE Asia, PSA offers the ideal package of performance, reliability and support. 

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