• Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer meets growing demand for trace-level Quantitation

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Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer meets growing demand for trace-level Quantitation

Sep 18 2013

Shimadzu will release the LCMS-8050, a triple quadrupole LCMS/MS. This new system incorporates proprietary ultrafast technologies as well as a newly developed ion source and collision cell technology. As the flagship model of Shimadzu’s UFMS (Ultra-Fast Mass Spectrometry) product line, the LCMS-8050 features high sensitivity, high data quality and fast data acquisition rates.

Delivering attogram-level (10-18 grams) sensitivity and possessing unsurpassed ruggedness, the LCMS-8050 achieves its improved sensitivity through two important technologies: newly designed Heated ESI source improves desolvation and enhances ionisation efficiency with the addition of a heated gas used in combination with the nebuliser gas; UFsweeper®III collision cell enhances CID efficiency by optimising the collision cell pressure.

One common design approach to increase sensitivity in mass spectrometers has been to incorporate a larger inlet to increase the number of ions introduced into the instrument. This approach necessitates the inclusion of a more powerful and more costly vacuum system. Shimadzu has maintained a smaller inlet in the LCMS-8050. When combined with the new heated ESI source and UFsweeper III, system performance improves and cost-of-ownership is reduced.

The newly engineered high voltage power supply enables a maximum scan rate of 30,000 u/sec and a 5 msec polarity switching time, making the LCMS-8050 combined with Nexera UHPLC the ideal platform for laboratory productivity. It is now possible to include 1,000 events with up to 32 channels per event for a maximum of 32,000 MRMs per analysis.

The new ion source enables easy changing from ESI to APCI or to dual ionisation mode (DUIS). The source housing is cable-free and tubeless, integrating the gas and electrical connections for convenience and simplicity.

LabSolutions LCMS Version 5.60 software provides easy-to-use operation. It fully integrates operation of Shimadzu’s LC product lines. An automated MRM optimisation routine allows unattended optimisation of multiple compounds. Key MS voltages, critical to high-sensitivity analysis, are automatically adjusted and evaluated for each compound without user intervention.

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