• Free Webinar on Micro-XRF Analysis in the Scanning Electron Microscope


Free Webinar on Micro-XRF Analysis in the Scanning Electron Microscope

Oct 02 2013

The new QUANTAX Micro-XRF with the XTrace micro-spot X-ray source enables trace element analysis on SEM using the Micro-X-ray Fluorescence (Micro-XRF) technology. The XTrace is attached to an inclined port of any suitable SEM and produces a 35 µm high intensity X-ray spot on the sample in perfect alignment with the SEM electron beam. The analyst can therefore investigate the same sample position with both electron and X-ray excitation, providing additional valuable insight on the nature of the specimen. QUANTAX Micro-XRF uses the detector and signal processing chain installed for electron beam induced energy-dispersive X-ray analysis (EDS) to acquire and process spectra.

XRF analysis has advantages in the excitation in the mid-to heavy element range, limits of detection are 20 to 50 times better, compared to EDS. Bringing this together with the better light element sensitivity of EDS, this allows for compositional analysis of best possible accuracy using combined XRF and EDS quantification. Combined quantification is supported by the news ESPRIT 2.0 analytical software package, which controls both QUANTAX EDS and QUANTAX Micro-XRF under a single user interface.

An additional benefit of Micro-XRF is the increased information depth – again compared to EDS – at high spatial resolution. This is of interest when analysing layered samples, where only the topmost layer(s) will be visible to e-beam excitation, due to the limited penetration depth. This is for instance the case with printed circuit boards, where structures of inner layers can be made visible with Miccro-XRF.

Register for Bruker’s free one-hour webinar to learn about exciting applications of this analytical technique for the SEM.

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