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New Normal in LAB VS New Normal Exhibition

Jul 14 2020

Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2020 organised the webinar series to share knowledge about the new normal in LAB and update the LAB safety regulations. Asst. Prof. Suchada Chaisawadi, Director of Energy Environment Safety & Health Office from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi shared the knowledge on topic new normal after Covid-19, LAB Safety, New Challenges in LAB of future thru this webinar.

Talking about the New Normal in LAB industry, Asst. Prof. Suchada shared that “The best practice in Laboratory are focusing more on the cleaning and washing everything in Lab room, use the personal protective equipment, processing with procedure and flow and also have the emergency preparedness.” Laboratory room has to follow the ISO 15190: 2020 which set the standards for Medical laboratories and requirements for Biosafety levels start from Basic level 1 – Maximum containment Biosafety level 4 which divide by base on the Laboratory type to set the best practice rules and set of the equipment. After this global crisis, all LABs need to adapt and follow with the new normal rules starting from new Laboratory Management, Physical Rearrangement for example, touchless rule, set the zoning and keep the social distancing, frequency risk assessment, ventilation and indoor air quality system, but the important thing is how to manage Lab expert health and safety after work.

The trend of Future Lab is led by the theme ‘Labvolution 2021’ which focuses on Digitalisation & Sustainability and Lab trends after Covid-19. The lab of the future is not discrete tasks, but standardized procedures. It is often virtual with sophisticated digital tools and solution that promote globalisation in an environment that is more open and collaborative.

To follow the guideline of the lab new normal, the standard equipment and innovation are important keys. Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2020 confirms to organise the show on October 28-30, 2020 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. The country has had no new Covid cases by local transmission for more than 34 days and we are waiting for the international travel restrictions to be lifted.

Mr. Anucha Parnpichate, Project Manager of Thailand LAB INTERNATONAL said that “The safety of our guests is the first priority. Apart from the government policies, VNU Asia Pacific together with the show’s venue, BITEC, provide a security & safety measures including hand sanitiser stations in every entrance-exit and in various areas around the event location, increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitising services and maintenance of air conditioning systems. Open windows and doors whenever possible to make sure the venue is well ventilated and also have the UVC Light Disinfection system to operate air ventilation of all areas before service-hours on daily basis. The infrared thermal scan units and equipment for carrying out body temperature of health screening, 37.3 up degree Celsius on main entrances. Also, everyone needs to scan ‘Thai Chana’ QR code for check-in and check-out for further tracking record.”

“For the security reason, the capacity of the people per squaremetres will be set 1:4 and controlled by heat map in all area. Everyone needs to wear a face-mask, in case that you haven’t prepared, you can buy at every main entrances. The exhibition is the Face-to-Face Event, we will try to give you the highly benefit with the full security atmospheres. We suggest to make a pre-register (July 15, 2020 onward) to secure that you can entry to Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2020. For more information, please visit our website or call +662 111 6611” Mr. Anucha added.

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