• The Global Standard for TOC Analysers

Sample Preparation

The Global Standard for TOC Analysers

Oct 06 2023

Designed according to the motto ‘keep good things, but advance consequently’, the TOC-L Series utilises the 680°C catalytic combustion oxidation method, which was developed by Shimadzu and is now used worldwide. It completely oxidises easily decomposed, low-molecular-weight organic compounds, as well as hard-to-decompose insoluble, macromolecular, and even particulate organic compounds. The use of a platinum catalyst results in oxidation to CO2 at a lower furnace temperature compared to conventional methods. This is not only more energy efficient, but also aids in increasing combustion tube lifetime and minimising the effect of high salt contents in samples.

Reliable and efficient

The TOC-L is equipped with Shimadzu’s well-proven ISP module, realising fully automatic sample preparation, like acidification, sparging, injection, and rinsing for TOC analysis. These steps can be conducted both in the closed environment of the main unit, to avoid contamination by e.g. ambient air, or in the ASI-L autosampler, saving time and enabling the analysis of particle-containing samples.

To counteract cross-contamination, inert materials are used for sample-wetted components. Flow line diameters have been optimised to handle various particle loads, resulting in increased flow velocities to avoid sedimentation effects. The ISP module allows the automatic dilution of sample and calibration solutions. This can be utilised for effortless and standard-compliant creation of multi-point calibration curves out of a single stock solution. No need to purchase or dilute multiple calibration solutions by hand.

Furthermore, it allows the system to automatically extend the configured calibration range for automatic range adjustment, or to reduce matrix effects of challenging samples, keeping maintenance effort at a minimum.

Designed for everyday use

TOC-L monitors all parameters vital for TOC analysis, such as gas supply status, furnace temperatures, and detector performance. The analyser condition can be conveniently monitored across the room by an easy-to-see LED strip in the analyser’s front door, as well as from the PC software.

Shimadzu’s LabSolutions TOC PC software is a robust solution tailored to streamline analytical work, featuring an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive range of efficient functions. Among its capabilities are batch setup simplifications through drag-and-drop of predefined settings, enabling quick configuration without the need for manual inputs. Moreover, the software permits the addition or modification of samples during active measurements, ensuring adaptability and minimal interruptions in lab processes.

Another notable feature is its seamless connectivity with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), facilitating the smooth exchange of data and integration with other systems. In terms of quality control (QC), the software offers valuable functions, such as automated control sample measurements with intuitive charting tools, enhancing monitoring and analysis accuracy.

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